Tractor Supply: Quality Farm Products


Tractor Supply Company is America’s top rural lifestyle retailer that sells the modern, essential farm, pet, and home-related supplies. Β It majorly serves a niche of customers nationwide including ranchers, merchants, contractors, animal owners as well as individuals practicing hobby, part-time and full-time farming.

The enterprise has experienced steady growth since it was started in 1938 majorly due to commitment total customer satisfaction its name suggests. Also, the presence of online and offline shopping has attributed to continuous product improvement and diversification to meet the exact customer needs. It currently has over 17,000 retail stores in 49 states and drawing revenue of over $7 billion in 2018.

Product Range

Tractor Supply’s website showcases a wide variety of timeless and competitively priced farm products and accessories. Shoppers can purchase merchandise from air compressors, lawnmowers, chainsaws, and wire egg baskets to gardening and animal supplies.

Moreover, they provide modern tractors, tractor parts, post-hole diggers, hardware as well as light truck gear and general farm maintenance items like fences. The firm appreciates veterans and serving soldiers, offering them a 15% discount for any product they buy in-store on special occasions like Independence Day.

Management and Employees

The company has excellent organization whereby respect, integrity, accountability, and teamwork is embedded in the result establishing a healthy business relationship with customers. For this, in 2018, they won a Forbes award as the World Best Employees. Benefits employees enjoy include: Pharmacy benefits, 401(K) retirement plan, pet insurance, employee stock purchase plan, tobacco cessation program and tuition reimbursement.


The firm focuses on partnerships with the different organization through donations, voluntary activities, and Paper Clover Events. It is partners with 4-H, FFA, United Way and the Veteran cause’s fund, the Hugs Project.


Tractor Supply’s exemplary customer care support, sustainability programs and partnerships have attracted the attention of several institutions. Therefore, several awards and accolades. Examples are Top 100 Omnichannel Retailers, Total Retail,Β 2019, Barron’s, 100 Most Sustainable US Companies, Barron’s,Β 2019 and 2019 American Hero Company Designation,Β American Values,Β 2019.


Tractor Supply’s dominance and greater competitiveness in the industry is attributed by its great leaders, teamwork, product diversification, and the omnichannel marketing strategy. This omnichannel approach enables customers in all company’s touch points to enjoy the unified brand experience culminating in massive consumption of its merchandise.