Kohlโ€™s Cares Review

If I have to choose my all time favorite store to shopโ€ฆ..there is no doubt that it would be Kohl’s. I appreciate the wide selection of products for everyone in my family, the affordable prices (love those sales!) and the excellent customer service.

Another reason that Kohlโ€™s is one of my favorite stores is that I like to support the Kohlโ€™s Caresยฎ program which gives back to the community by โ€œsupporting kidsโ€™ health and education, environmental initiatives and womenโ€™s health.โ€

Every time that I go shopping at Kohl’s, I like to check out the fun kid-friendly merchandise such as high-quality childrenโ€™s books and plush animals. I love that the products are always very affordable for me to purchase and 100% of the net profits are donated to support kidsโ€™ health and education initiatives in our communities across the nation. In fact, I have learned that since 2000, Kohlโ€™s Caresยฎ merchandise program has raised over $180 million dollars!

The latest Kohlโ€™s Caresยฎ offerings are always amazingly priced at only $5 each and this month the selection includes two fun Llama Llama book titles and matching plush animals along with two special cookbooks.

My children love the Llama Llama book series by Anna Dewdney. Llama Llama Misses Mama is a wonderful, heartfelt story about a young llama who feels anxious when his Mama leaves him at school. Will this nervous little llama learn to make friends and have fun at nursery school? This book reminds me of my precious three-year-old son who really relates to this story. Recently when he started to feel nervous going to the child center at our YMCA he told us that he would be โ€œbrave like a baby llamaโ€ and I was one proud Mama.

The second title available in the June 2011 Kohlโ€™s Careโ€™sยฎ selection is Llama Llama Red Pajama which is a cute story about baby llama getting anxious at night when his mother leaves the room. The author, Anna Dewdney knows how to write an engaging story for children that really pinpoints childhood fears in a way that is reassuring to little ones.

Kohlโ€™s Caresยฎ does not compromise quality as these Llama Llama picture books are produced in hardcover and are an excellent idea for affordable gifts too. I like to stock up on these titles and plush animals so that I always have last minute birthday presents ready and feel confident knowing that the child who is receiving it is sure to love it too.

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