NOVICA: Authentic Handmade Merchandise


NOVICA is an e-commerce firm that retails thousands of outstanding handmade artisan creations globally at competitive prices.

As such, different product categories include gifts, jewelry, apparel, paintings and home dΓ©cor that captures the diverse cultures and traditions worldwide. They also offer a unique option for clients to shop in regards to a region or cause like Empower Women, Overcome Adversity, and Enable Education.

The company is all about creating happiness both to its customers and the highly-skilled artisans across the globe.

To achieve this mission, it focuses on creating artisans with sustainable businesses by connecting and empowering them to the global marketplace where they have all the freedom of getting great value from their crafts.

It prides in nurturing and elevating the talents in artisans worldwide by over $94 million since its launch. NOVICA also aims at celebrating and preserving the ancient artistic traditions for the future generation to enjoy and learn.

Product Range

From the creative handcrafted gifts, jewelry to enthralling paintings and home decors that will make your house feel like home, customers can explore the wide array of products online.

The company deals in excellent and well-executed designs of corporate, Keepers of the Art, last minute and gifts for her or him that captures multiple interests including Bohemian Spirit, animals, music, and yoga.

NOVICA specializes in elegant women and men fashion collection such as sweaters, tote bags, dresses and shirts that add flair to one’s wardrobe. NOVICA’s broad selection of exquisite jewelry and accessories include dangling earrings, turquoise jewelry, cufflinks, chakra necklaces and tote bags which are perfect for any occasion.

The firm also majors on simple yet elegant home decors such as area rugs, hammocks, sculptures, candle holders and tableware. Furthermore, the enterprise offers a repertoire of grand painting collection that artists vividly express their views on life, magnificent landmarks as well as the flora and fauna.

Organization and Customer Services

NOVICA has the best management team that focuses on nurturing and empowering talents of artists in its impactful marketplace.

It also rewards its clients with exclusive free shipping, birthday coupon codes, members-only promotions through the Passport Club as well as great commissions via the Partner program.

Moreover, the company has excellent customer ratings due to its remarkable customer service, authentic crafts, on-time delivery and intricate product reviews.


Do you want to explore the world with the cheapest cost possible? Visit their site and purchase fascinating handcrafts that will help you appreciate and see life from a different spectrum.

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