CVS Health: Affordable Health Care


CVS Health is one of Americaโ€™s largest health innovation firm that specializes in affordable and innovative health and beauty products. The company operates through its popular store brands like CVS Health, radianceยฎ PLATINUM, Gold Emblemโ„ข, and Makeup Academy to promote better health. Currently, CVS Health has over 9,000 retail locations in 33 U.S. states, Brazil, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia and more than 1,000 MinuteClinic nationwide.

The company centers on making quality health much easier to its consumers through its unique combination of programs. It continuously works towards meeting the distinct customer needs thus $194.6 billion net revenue in 2018, the terrific website traffic and massive consumption of its merchandise and services. CVS Health was also the premier company to eliminate the sale of tobacco and its related products in 2014.

Product Range

The firm offers an expansive selection of exclusive health and on-trend beauty product lines ranging from health and wellness products, prescriptions and beautiful gifts.ย 

The healthcare expertise from Minute Clinic offers vast health services including the diagnosis and treatment of several medical conditions like bronchitis, vaccinations and provision of birth control injections.

It also deals in screening and monitoring health programs for blood glucose, blood pressure and body mass index for a healthier population.ย  Wellness and physicals such as sport and camping activities to aid in anti-tobacco and weight loss programs are also available. Milani cosmetics, suavitel fabric softeners, Gamesa cookies are part of the unique multicultural merchandise for people from diverse backgrounds.

Further, CVS Health provides ExtraCareยฎย Rewards through fantastic personalized sales and promotions to its loyal customers for almost anything they purchase online or in-store.

Management and Employees

The enterprise values workforce diversity and inclusivity for its success. The firm propels their professional growth through its exceptional talent system’s policies and programs. Moreover, CVS Health ensures optimal customer satisfaction through one hundred per cent money guarantee.


The company partners with the CVS Health Foundation, Truth Initiative, Aetna and the American Cancer Society ยฎ to advocate for tobacco-free America and offer scholarships.

They have partnered with โ€œBeauty in Real Lifeโ€ to empower women with confidence regardless of their skin through the CVS Beauty Mark advertisement.


Do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle?ย  Visit CVS Health online or in-store for the innovative wellness and health, beauty products as well as a variety of medical services for a healthier you.

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