Great and Affordable Calendars


Calendars is the world’s top online store that retails thousands of the finest calendar selections. These calendars feature different topics such as travel, music, sports, pet and animal.

At the moment, the company is the premier pop –up seasonal mall-based store that deals in exceptional toys, games, puzzles, gifts, books, and many more. They serve customers in shopping malls across America and those from five other nations.

Calendars, a subsidiary of Go! Retail Group, has a significant focus on product diversification and best customer service since 1999. This has translated to the growing number of quality merchandise creating joy and gratitude among clientele.

The enterprise’s partnership with international countries has facilitated the scaling of its sales in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada through their respective websites. The websites are, and

Product Range

From humor, arts, science to music topics and iconic artists, shop for the best calendars, games, gifts and toys from the company’s vast selection.

Calendars stock competitively-priced varieties of 2020, 2019-2020, top fifty and exclusive calendars in all formats and sizes for everyone. The amazing formats entail wall, desk, miniwall, planner, novelty, among others.

Customers can organize their schedules and customize their personal spaces by purchasing their favorite themed calendars. Examples are Tropical Beaches and Funny Cats calendars for outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners respectively.

Despicable Me minions 2020, Infinite wonder calendar bundle, POP! Vinyl and puzzles are part of gifts, and gift sets authentic collection. Calendars also specializes in popular games like Star Wars classic trivia, dice cup and jumbo playing cards.

Besides, Calendars provides Affiliates program through which clients can earn 15% commission for sales made on their websites.

Management and Employees

The firm works with diligent staff who are committed to the sale of excellent products while offering world-class customer support.

Calendars is a fun and great place to work with because of the fantastic benefits and perks like flexible working hours, positive workplace environment, weekly fresh fruits, monthly birthday recognition, and much more.


The corporate’s partnership with the Lang Companies made them win the best 24/7 customer service while simultaneously boosting their returns and product exchanges.


Calendars dominance in the market and infiltration to international countries through partnerships is an indication of their commitment of becoming the best. Further, the diverse collection of affordable but quality merchandise meets the needs and expectations of every customer.

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