Bistro MD: Healthy Weight Loss Management Plans


Bistro MD is a US-based firm that focuses on door-to-door customizable weight loss meal delivery services. The firm believes that food is the medicine that can prevent one from the life-threatening ailments as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Therefore, Dr. Cederquist, its founder, has carefully integrated her medical expertise and the chef’s to create top-notch savory and delicious global cuisines that target fat.

The company has been in operation since 2005 to promote weight loss in the majority of people through nutritionally balanced diet meal plans. Towards that end, the firm ensures that it does not compromise the quality and the great taste of its entrees through the use of the freshest natural ingredients.

Bistro MD’s weight loss programs success has enabled it to be featured in popular television shows like Dr Phil, Lifetime, The Doctors, and NBC.

Product Range

The enterprise specializes in offering over one hundred recipes ranging from gourmet to savory chef-prepared weight loss foods. Β One can jumpstart their healthy weight loss journey by choosing the perfect plan that suits their preferences and convenience from as low as $89.

These include the full week, workday and custom meal plans: the full week program entails seven breakfasts, lunches, dinners plus My Night while the workweek plan encompasses five breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Conversely, customers can use the bistro MD interface to customize their favorite entrees with the help of dietitians. For faster results, clients can add the Essential and Tasty Snacks (EATS) program to their existing plans.

Moreover, the company provides great gluten-free, heart-healthy, menopause, vegetarian and diabetic-friendly programs. Employers can promote their workforces’ health through the corporate wellness programs which offer benefits like enterprise sponsored wellness plans, dedicated dietitian support, and bi-weekly wellness newsletter.

Their healthy library is a hub for fun and educative information regarding weight-loss resources and fitness.

Organization and Customer Service

Bistro MD has excellent organization consisting of great and talented dietitians, chefs and customer care personnel. It ensures that it offers effortless healthy weight loss plans that do not restrict its clients to bland and boring techniques.

Most customers applaud the company for its exceptional technical support and the great world-class recipes that yield the best results.


Bistro MD is the perfect place to visit for healthy weight loss plans that do not restrict you from enjoying tasty foods. Its doctor-designed meals are available for any individual who desire excellent long-term benefits of weight maintenance.

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