The healthcare industry is composed of different segments that provide various services. It can be in the form of a treatment, rehabilitation, diagnosis or other services. The service can be under the field of dental, nursing, pharmaceutical or medical. This is also the reason why more healthcare workers are required in various health institutions such as clinics and hospitals. Health services are provided anytime because people need them for various reasons.

Some healthcare workers should be available all the time. This is also the reason why there are healthcare workers who are on call in doctor’s offices and hospitals. They need to provide quality care to each patient. Healthcare quality has always been one of the major concerns across the healthcare industry. According to studies, medical negligence has become the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. This is a very alarming and serious situation. It is only normal for patients to look for quality healthcare.

What is the Meaning of Quality Healthcare?

Quality healthcare is the process of getting timely healthcare services in the right way and getting the best possible outcome. It should be efficient, equitable, safe, timely, patient centered and effective. Healthcare shouldn’t harm the patient and it should be given exactly on time. Equal care must be given to each patient safely. Wastage of time must be reduced as well. The individual needs of every patient should also be considered. This is just the general meaning of quality healthcare. Its meaning is not the same for everyone.

For instance, some patients say that quality healthcare is consulting a doctor, getting the right treatment from the hospital staff and having a doctor who can spend enough time with the patient. These things, however, are secondary. The most important thing is the clinical quality of healthcare as more patients can be treated and saved by giving evidence-based and premium care. Quality healthcare also equals safety. Healthcare providers need to improve the quality of care they provide.

How is Quality Healthcare Measured?  

Quality healthcare can be measured through process indicators and outcome indicators. The latter measures mortality rates, infection rates and complication rates. Process indicators measure baseline practices and timelines. You can consider these indicators to compare the healthcare providers in your area. The state, national accreditation and recognition of the hospitals should be considered as well.

A patient’s medical information can be converted into rate or percentage to assess the quality of healthcare given by the hospital to the patient. This is called a quality measure. It will give you information about how the patient is given healthcare by hospitals. You can use this information to compare the quality of healthcare services they provide.

Nurses and doctors also play an important role in quality healthcare. They need to provide care reasonably and clinically. The hospital staff like the X-ray technician, hospital administrator, scrub nurse, receptionist and doctors is expected to do the same. If you want to make sure that you will get quality healthcare, you should consider these indicators at all times.

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