When selecting packaged foods, reading the labels is highly essential. This pursuit is time consuming but it’s all worth it. In order to save money and time, try concentrating in foods with low sugar content, low in salt but rich in protein.  Get rid of foods with high fructose corn syrup; which is considered an unnecessary additive. Foods that contain fewer ingredients are still the best.   

Marketing techniques that label food as gluten-free, lite or healthy is not always the healthiest option. As educated and wise consumer, you need to know the real difference. Numerous so called wheat products might not be whole grain or may not really be made from whole wheat. The very first ingredient might be quality whole-wheat flour, multigrain, unbleached wheat flour and stone-ground flour are said to be alternative means to say finely refined white flour.

In order to save your money and time in grocery stores, the following are healthy packaged foods that you can consider:

  • Vegetables

Those plain vegetables with no sauces and without added salts are delicious and healthy addition to your meals. Steamables are perfect choices when you are in a hurry or you are just tired to cook and prepare your meals. These are easy and quick to prepare with less clean up as well. These are expensive so you better have stocks when these are on sale.

  • Canned Beans

Choose low-salt version as much as possible. Rinse the beans always and thoroughly to wash away the unnecessary salt. Get rid of beans with sauces or avoid refried beans that are high in calcium.

  • Frozen Berries

Not just delicious, frozen berries can certainly save you more money especially during winter when the berries are more expensive and out of the season. You can combine these with plain Yogurt or serve them with French toast or pancakes. This also makes natural and sweet sauce. You can sometimes thaw them in the microwave to make them a bit warm and pour these over your pancakes.

  • Low  Sugar Cereals

Cereals ideally have less sugar. Choose whole grain cereals like muesli and toasted oats. Instant and unsweetened oatmeal can also be thrown into the microwave for healthy and quick breakfast.

  • Canned Tuna Fish

This is an inexpensive and quick source of protein. You can use this when packing tuna salad with lots of fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, pepper, onions and more.

When selecting pre-packaged foods, keep in mind that marketing can sometimes be deceptive. Keep in mind that the fewer the ingredient; the healthier and more natural products are. Look for whole wheat flour as the very first ingredient when choosing whole grain foods. Stay away from junked foods and processed foods which are loaded with sugar and sodium and contain high amount of fructose.

These healthy packaged foods are now made available. You can buy these foods from your nearest grocery store and make sure that you prepare these foods when urgently need of instant foods rather than buying unhealthy snacks out there.

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