If you have Type II diabetes, it is important that you follow a healthy diet plan to control your symptoms and prevent the disease from progressing. Combine your diet with proper exercise and you will see the results of your effort. Most diabetics don’t know how they can change their eating habits to regulate their glucose levels. They worry that they won’t be able to follow this plan as it is too restrictive. However, you can still eat a lot of delicious and healthy meals and snacks even if you are following a diet designed for Type II diabetes.

What Your Diet Should Contain


When you have Type II diabetes, you need to carefully monitor your carbohydrates. There are 2 kinds of carbs – simple and complex. Diabetics should avoid simple carbs.  This is because the body breaks down simple carbs quickly, leading to sudden spikes in blood sugar. Choose complex carbohydrates. The body breaks down complex carbs body slowly, so there are no sudden spikes in your blood sugar. Instead, the body is given a steady source of energy. Cookies, fruit, soda, cakes, fruit juice or foods that contain refined sugar are examples of simple carbs. Vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains contain complex carbohydrates. Aside from giving the body a steady source of energy, complex carbohydrates also have fiber that benefits the body.  

You should count your carbs so that you can naturally control your blood sugar levels. Complex carbohydrates are evenly distributed throughout daily snacks and meals. This also means that the body consistently gets fiber, which helps control your blood glucose levels and delay the body’s absorption of sugar. Fiber also helps you lose weight by making you feel full longer. You don’t experience cravings, so you avoid overeating. It helps reduce the amount of food you consume throughout the day.


You also need to monitor your consumption of fat as having diabetes increases your risk of developing heart problems like heart attack and stroke. These health conditions are aggravated by high intake of fat, which can result in clogged arteries and high levels of cholesterol in the body. You also need to reduce your consumption of trans fat and saturated fats, especially when you are following a diet designed for diabetics. The only meat that you should consume is lean meat like chicken, lean red meat or fish. If you are going to consume dairy products, make sure that it is low in fat. Since most fats also have carbs, you should count it in your daily carbohydrate count to make sure that your body is not getting more carbs than recommended.

By reducing your fat consumption, increasing fiber intake and following a low carb diet that mainly consists of complex carbs, you can naturally control your blood sugar and lessen the symptoms of Type II diabetes. Make sure to exercise daily as well. Talk to your doctor to know what exercise and diet program suits you best. This way, you can achieve your desired results without putting health at risk.

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